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Aug 8

Mark Millar Discusses The Depictions Of Rape In His Comics




I don’t even…

Mark Millar sucks goats and the above is one of the many reason why.

I still remember reading his run on The Authority, where in the very first arc, Apollo (gay Superman)* gets raped by one the new bad guys during their first fight, I guess to show how very evil these new character are. So in the final fight, Midnighter (gay Batman)* gleefully revenge rapes the bad guy with a huge power tool (I think a drill?).

I gave up on the book during the Transfer of Power arc, where Shen was brainwashed into being the subservient wife of a powerful man and was being belittled by her “husband”. Reading that bit, I had a moment of, “What the fuck?” Why was I reading something that treated the homosexual (mostly Apollo) and female characters so horribly, and making me feel like shit after reading it?

Being a dumb teenager back then, I didn’t really keep track of writers, so I also bought Wanted and a whole bunch of his other stuff before growing up and realising how terrible his writing really was.


*If I remember correctly, Apollo and Midnighter got huge press for being a homosexual superhero couple during Ellis’s run on The Authority, and it was pretty obvious they were a Superman and Batman analogy (and I think that was mentioned in those articles, but I’m not 100% certain. My google-fu is poor today and I can’t find any articles from back then). So what’s the first thing Millar does when he gets his hands on gay Superman and Batman? Superman gets raped.

Oh my god, really? urgh

Also “I don’t think rape is that big a deal, which is why I use it as a major plot device” is a bit of a bullshit implication.

Mark Miller has the mindset of a highschooler.  Blood, guts, swears, rape, pop culture, he really is a shallow writer.

I mean, even when I read Civil War for the first time, throwaway lines about Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton just made me roll my eyes.

He’s the Michael Bay of Comics, which is an insult to Michael Bay cause at least he didn’t put rape in the Transformers movies (As far as I know).

We’re talking about the writer who:

  • Had the villain in Kickass 2 shoot children right before he rapes Kickass’s girlfriend.
  • Has a book called Nemesis, where the villain kidnaps the police chief’s children, forces the gay son to have sex with her sister, and impregnate her, and they can abort the baby because “her womb is booby trapped and removing the baby would prevent her from ever having children again.”  Did I mention that this is the last time we ever get a mention of these characters?  Because we have to be AMAZED at how badass the villain is the whole time.

Seriously, Millar is immature and stuck in a high school mindset.  Which sadly equals huge sales. >:(