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New College Course To Focus On Marvel Cinematic Universe


So Guardians has beaten Iron Man 2’s total gross and is likely to pass Iron Man’s really soon.
I guess Marvel is gonna start pushing Guardians of the Galaxy a lot harder now.  I hope they’ll start acknowledging the expansive roster now.

So Guardians has beaten Iron Man 2’s total gross and is likely to pass Iron Man’s really soon.

I guess Marvel is gonna start pushing Guardians of the Galaxy a lot harder now.  I hope they’ll start acknowledging the expansive roster now.

Anyone think we’re about to enter a really weird age of Comic Book Movies?

Okay, the MCU has been up and running, and doing great, but have you seen what’s been announced lately?

  • Ant-Man
  • Gambit
  • Deadpool
  • Venom-Carnage (Seriously?  Why call it that?  Just call it Venom!)
  • A female hero from the Spider-Man universe but we aren’t told which one yet (Black Cat or Silver Sable?)
  • A Sinister Six film

And on top of that:

  • 2 TV shows of the Marvel Universe  (Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter) that will most likely complicate future films as they are using some of the lesser known characters.  (I really don’t know how the films are gonna dance around these shows…)
  • Netflix series of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist leading into the Defenders (IT’S HEROES FOR HIRE!  WHY ARE THEY MAKING HEROES FOR HIRE THE DEFENDERS?!)

And THEN we got:

  • Several dozen DC shows I can’t keep track of
  • Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (THAT’s the name you’re going with?!)
  • 10 more DC films like Shazam and all that.

 Does anyone think that this is gonna spin out of control really fast?  I mean, This year might be the last year of sensical comic book movies before spinning out of control.  Cause this sounds like it’s gonna be insanity really fast.

I have no idea the legitimacy of this picture.

I have no idea the legitimacy of this picture.

Sep 9
The difference between X-Men fans and Avenger fans.

The difference between X-Men fans and Avenger fans.

Sep 6


Nothing would please me more than Joss Whedon getting Tigra in an Avengers film, thus increasing her exposure in comics, and thus making Bendis go crazy.

Ant-Man movie has Cassie Lang in it.

Cassie Lang = Young Avengers

I’m just saying…

Every time Joss Whedon says “Avengers is a War Story”, I laugh.

101 Marvel Superheroines!

Things that made Thor one of the weaker Marvel Movie Franchises:

  1. Asgard = Aliens.  What was wrong with them being Gods?  Guardians of the Galaxy is exploring the Cosmic side of Marvel, so why are we suddenly told that Asgard = Space aliens?  It just removes mysticism behind them and removes subjects like Valhalla or Hel in future films.  Even if can get past this, you got the whole problem of-
  2. Asgard are technologically savvy.  This one bugged me in Thor 2.  This REALLY bugged me.  Why are there suddenly Anti-Aircraft guns and spaceships flying around Asgard?  If they got that tech, then why the fuck do they still wield swords when a ship full of elves mow them down with their guns?  On that note, are Loki’s illusions just “Nanomachines” in his blood that allows him to manipulate air molecules?  Seriously, it just gets stupid.  And don’t point to the Sif on Agents of SHIELD going “LOL, Human tech outdated!” that removes the charm of Asgardians not being used to midgard tech!  One of the more charming things about Thor books is their fascination with human technology!  It’s really moronic. 
  3. Not using the Expansive Thor cast.  Thor’s cast is big.  REALLY big.  Valkyrie, Balder, Enchantress, Hela, Scourge and many more are just some of the names associated with Thor.  So why are we wasting times with Captain Underpants and the Interns Intern when we could have high fantasy going on?!

Honestly, the Thor movies feel like Fantasy movies that are too embarrassed to be about fantasy, so instead they use lame pseudo science to explain away everything, and instead we are left with a very mundane franchise that should feel epic.

Seriously, I’m disappointed in the Thor films.

Aug 7

There are two types of comic writers.

Creators, who build up worlds and create lots of characters and relationships.


Destroyers, who take the established characters and either kill off most of the cast or destroy most things associated with the book.  Usually leave a book when they just run out of things to do.

It’s just really strange how I’ve been observing this trend.  You got Academy X New X-Men followed by Craig and Yost’s New X-Men, which killed almost the entire cast and blew up the coffee shop and then left the book open ended cause hey, at least they got X-23 popular.  Or Bendis who started his Avengers run by blowing up the mansion and killing most the Avengers, but he puts Spider-Man and Wolverine on the team, so it’s okay.  Or Dennis Hopeless with Avengers Arena (Granted he was told by editorial to do this).

Is it just me, or is the biggest way to get popular as a writer to just kill off what the guy before you has created?

Aug 1
Oh Hi Iron Lad.

Oh Hi Iron Lad.

In the Thor movies, we still don’t have Valkyrie or Enchantress, two big female presence in the Thor franchise.

In the Guardians of the Galaxy film, we are getting Gamora, a character similar to Black Widow as a red in the ledger assasin, but we aren’t getting Mantis, Phyla-Vell or Moondragon, the latter two are lesbians.

In Ant-Man, it’s appears that we won’t be getting Janet Van Dyne or Cassie Lang, the latter who is the SOLE REASON Scott Lang took up the role of being a hero.

Captain America movies gave us Sharon Carter, but her role is pretty limited to far.

I’m really wondering, is there a reason why these films are so damn scared of the female heroes they have the potential to make greater?!  So far, we only have Sif, Black Widow and Gamora as the female heroes of the Marvel U!  Why the hell isn’t Marvel taking more chances?

Also, Falcon and War Machine seem to be ignored for the Avengers 2 promotions…yipee…

(In all fairness though, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Agent Carter show and Mockingbird on AoS is a good step forward.)