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Jan 3

This is when i enjoy Black Cat and Spider-Man.  Not being Catwoman or a temptress relationship.  But the fact they just hang out and shoot the shit together.

How can you NOT like these two when they’re together?

Black Cat question.

Let’s say Black Cat does make it into a Spider-Man movie.

Would you want her to look similar to her comics counterpart, or would you go an alternative route?  Would you keep it classic, or go with something high tech?

So, um, leaked Superior Spider-Man picture online. Possible Spoiler?

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So…what is the big horrible thing Dan Slott is going to do tomorrow in Superior Spider-Man?

I’m sticking with “he’s going to kill Black Cat”

  • Someone online: What if Superior Spider-Man's twist is Black Cat is pregnant?
  • Me: O_O

BTW, one thing at Comic Con?

One artist drew a cover for Superior Spider-Man which was Black Cat’s face in tears and running mascara.

Make of that what you will. 

Pretty good sum up of why I get fed up with a lot of writers at Marvel.

Dan Slott is hyping of Superior Spider-Man 20 as a huge WTF issue.

Uh oh, this can’t be good.

Look up issue and it’s a Black Cat issue.

Yeah, this is REALLY not good.

Blueberry black Cat sequence I have been drawing on DA.

Not finished yet!

Mar 2

(I did not draw these.)