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May 2

I am impressed with Sony’s choice for Black Cat for the Spider-Man movies because her face looks exactly like Felicia’s. Seriously, that is a solid choice.

Fully expecting the Black Cat Tag to blow up tomorrow.

Black Cat Blueberry by BedbendersInc

Black Cat Blueberry by BedbendersInc

Okay, Black Cat fans are gonna be pissed tomorrow.

Yeah, from what I’m hearing, Black Cat fans won’t be happy.

So, let me get this straight…

Dan Slott has so far:

  • Comatose Julia Carpenter
  • Drowned Silver Sable
  • Made MJ break up with Peter
  • Turned Carlie into a Goblin or something
  • Turned Liz Allen into a villain
  • Turning Black Cat into a villain again
  • Oh, and Julia’s daughter sort of disappeared after she slept into a coma.

…does Dan Slott really hate the women of the Spider-Man universe?

Jan 3

This is when i enjoy Black Cat and Spider-Man.  Not being Catwoman or a temptress relationship.  But the fact they just hang out and shoot the shit together.

How can you NOT like these two when they’re together?

Black Cat question.

Let’s say Black Cat does make it into a Spider-Man movie.

Would you want her to look similar to her comics counterpart, or would you go an alternative route?  Would you keep it classic, or go with something high tech?

So, um, leaked Superior Spider-Man picture online. Possible Spoiler?

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So…what is the big horrible thing Dan Slott is going to do tomorrow in Superior Spider-Man?

I’m sticking with “he’s going to kill Black Cat”