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Apr 6
Marvel has beaten Harry Potter as the most successful film franchise.BUT
It took one more movie for Marvel to do that!So I guess Harry Potter still wins?

Marvel has beaten Harry Potter as the most successful film franchise.


It took one more movie for Marvel to do that!
So I guess Harry Potter still wins?

BTW, if anyone was wondering where I got those card portraits of Marvel characters:

Battle of the Atom pictures (All X-Men)

War of Heroes (Marvel in general)

Have fun!  Try to find some good ones.

Feb 4

You know what’s bugging me about superhero films of late?

They are throwing away the personal lives of the characters.

I mean, think back in the first Spider-Man films, or even the first Iron Man.  We got a good look at these characters and the world they interact with.  Note, the world they interact WITH, not the world they effect.

Too many times, it seems like these films and shows only focus on the heroes lives that they forget to flesh the world out.  

For example, you got the cartoons that pretty much eliminate the civilian supporting cast.  Even Pepper Potts is gone.  Then you got Hulk with no Bruce Banner.

I mean, let’s talk Agents of SHIELD.  Do the characters on this show have no personal lives?  Does their entire existence mean that their lives off mission are just the six of them on that jet?  Who are their friends and family off duty?  What do they like to do off duty?  Even Fringe was able to fit personal drama in, and that show is the same episode length as AoS.

I feel like the Superhero films of late are getting far to narrow in focus, when they should be keeping things global.

  • Me: "I wonder if there are any other villains out there that fangirls would love like Loki once they get into a movie."
  • Friend: "Arcade."
  • Me: "NO!!!"
  • Me: "..."
  • Me: "Dammit, they would totally make Arcade the new Loki."
Dec 9

I guess Marvel rant

I usually mention how I get annoyed with the direction of Marvel stuff post Avengers movie.  A good way to sum up my feelings was when my sister asked me “Which Avenger is your favorite” and when I started to list off some, she went “no, from the movie” and I just drew a blank.

Honestly, my problem with the current Marvel system is that it feels like it’s reusing certain characters too much that I start to get really tired of them.  For example, I see Wolverine being put into too many roles that he starts to come off as a hypocrite.  Black Widow seems to go back to Russia and Atone for her sins constantly.  Hawkeye has to always have that one story that proves why he can keep up with the other Avengers (It’s like, every half a year), and Captain America is going through another loss of love ones that was similar to what he did with Bucky.  Agent Coulson who everyone loves seems to have the whole plot of “How did he come back to life”, when all I can think about is “Why should I care because there really is nothing interesting to this character beyond the actor playing him”.

It gets really tired.

What I was hoping that the movies would do was bring more obscure characters to the forefront and just mix things up.  Show that there’s a whole universe of characters that can be used!  Iron Man 3 disappointed because it really didn’t bring much new to the table (except an excuse for Agents of SHIELD to have more fire powered people), and Thor 2, while exploring the other realms more (Granted, it was pretty much a wasteland) felt like it didn’t explore Asgard as much as they could.  I mean, Darcy got more screen time than the Warriors 3 combined!  And there’s still a mountain of Asgardians we haven’t seen!

That’s not to say the films don’t get me excited.  I mean, Cap 2 is gonna be extremely awesome (and it’s a franchise with a lot of characters I love) and Guardians of the Galaxy is gonna be max hype!  Another reason why those films have me pumped is that they’re bringing new characters in!  Falcon, Sharon Carter, the nova corps and so on!  That’s what I want to see the Marvel Movies do!  Expand the universe, not just restate it!

It’s also why I’m disappointed with Agents of SHIELD.  ”No, Asgardians are aliens”, “No, there are no Psychics”, “No there is no magic”, “No, there are no demons”.  It’s like someone slammed their fist down and said “Everything must be SCIENCE!”, and that bums me out. Why limit your options when you can go bigger?

Really, I was hoping the movies would open more up, but I get disappointed with the upcoming roster of comic options.  We have Avengers World that’s nearly identical to the Avengers book, we have Black Widow book that’s her going back to Russia and Atoning for her sins (Which Kelly Sue did this year in Avengers Assemble!), Guardians of the Galaxy is actively ignoring their expansive roster for more popular names for the sales bump, and now more hints that we’ll probably lose Mockingbird for a lineup of Hawkeye, Widow, Coulson, and Nick Fury Jr.  I’m really tired of all that! 

Ms. Marvel and New Warriors are the only books getting me excited because THEY ARE TRYING SOMETHING NEW!!!

I don’t know if this is going to be something I have to struggle with through 2015, but honestly, enough with the same crap over and over! EXPAND THE UNIVERSE, STOP SHRINKING IT!!!  I don’t care about Wolverine turning bad guy, I don’t care about Cap’s man pain, I don’t care about how many times you can reference schwarma, just DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT AND NEW!!!

That’s my rant.

Dec 7

Marvel Announces New Marketing Campaign, Free Digital Trades for Marvel NOW! Series

So, Marvel wants 100 million new readers.

…If this does well, does that mean that books won’t hit cancelation numbers anymore?

Dec 2





It’s inching cloooooosssssssseeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!

It’s inching cloooooosssssssseeeeeeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!

Oct 8

Marvel Sends Cease-and-Desist to Anticipated Punisher Fan Film - Comic Book Resources

Yeah, this is kinda a dick move.

This does kinda say “You can’t make a fan film too good or else you’ll be told to cease and desist”

Oct 3

Reading Nova: Annihilation Conquest, all I can think is…damn, Marvel was a lot more chill a few years ago.  I don’t know what happened, but Marvel has just became too zany of late.  From Wolverine’s School, to the Young Avengers being so in your face hip, to just every other thing contradicting itself.

I don’t know, I guess I liked Marvel books better before this surge of writers becoming super meta and trying focusing on the same characters over and over. 
I don’t know, I just missed the calmer pace of things…

  • Marvel acknowledges an alien attack in it's movies and has the status quo begin to change.
  • Transformers keeps using "Government coverups" as an excuse for CITIES BEING LEVELED, PEOPLE DYING, AND FOOTAGE THAT SHOULD HAVE LEAKED ONLINE 1000 TIMES OVER!!!

So MYSTERY MARVEL BLOG today at 3:00




  • *Carol Danvers finally gets into the Marvel movies*
  • *Fandoms cheer*
  • *Josh Whedon kills her in the first Avengers film she's in*
Sep 9

You know Marvel, “All New” means something that is divergent and unique to the present.

All New doesn’t mean “Take the team from 50 years ago and put them in a book”

In fact, that’s the complete opposite of new!  Two strikes, and if you do it for a third, we’re gonna have a problem.