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RUMOR: MS. MARVEL Headed To The Big Screen? They Have A Script?

Marvel apparently has a Ms. Marvel film script and will be making announcements about Phase 2 in the coming weeks according to Joe Quesada at the Cup O’ Joe panel at Kapow! Comic Con 2012.

Mark Julian - 5/22/2012

According to Abby Chandler of Badhaven, Marvel’s Joe Quesada stated that a script for Ms. Marvel is complete and that the film will be looking for a leading lady. As reported—-

A script for a Ms/Captain Marvel movie is ready to go. They just needed an actress. Marvel are having a meeting in a couple of weeks and will be ready to announce some films then … He said we’d be pleasantly surprised.

This news definitely puts the reinvention of Carol Danvers by Kelly Sue DeConnick in a whole new light. Is the current comic design an indication of what we may see on the big screen some day? What do you guys think, up for a solo Ms. Marvel film then seeing her fight next to Cap, Iron Man and Thor in Avengers 2? Joss Whedon has previously stated that he wants more female heroes in Avengers 2and in a poll conducted on CBM not too far back, Ms. Marvel won out over original Avengers member Janet Pym aka The Wasp.

Update: Our own Josh Wilding attended this panel and assures me that Quesada said no such thing during the panel. The reporter supposedly spoke with Quesada off panel and despite a corroborating report from AICN, the specific statements regarding a script and Ms. Marvel have yet to be confirmed by other sources. Don’t be surprised if Quesada makes a statement denying this.

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Extermis.  Pretty much confirmed.  Don’t know much Iron Man, so I’ll hold off my thoughts.

Thor 2

Exploration of the 9 Realms and Enchantress is the villain.  It would be really cool to get the first female baddie in the Movieverse.

Captain America 2

Cap adjusting to the modern world.  Villains are Zemo and Crossbones.  Sharon Carter can come too.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Have them fight a villain who is not Annhilus or Thanos.  Keep it pretty simple.

Avengers 2

It’s most likely Thanos.  Though, I think it’ll be TOO big leagues for the movie.  I mean, how do you top THANOS?!

But those are my guesses for future Marvel films.

Now let’s hope they can get to Thunderbolts eventually!